No Limit – Das ultimative Trinkspiel mit Spaßgarantie – Englische Version





No Limit – The ultimate drinking game.. Fun guaranteed! – Version 2.0 with drinking rules. Surely you’ve been to a super boring party before. Bad vibes at a party are a no-go for guests and hosts alike. Time’s not moving and annoyed guests will show a lack of motivation soon. Fortunately now there is a simple and equally ingenious solution! “No Limit” are the magic words which turn every party into a legendary event. It has never been so easy to turn up the heat. No Limit is a new drinking game everyone will enjoy.

Perfect for: Fathers day tours, bachelor partys, bachelor party ideas, Father’s day, Ideas for presents, Birthdays and partys! Blame yourself or find a way out!

No Limit is a fun drinking game in which every player either blames themself or puts themself into the limelight. It’s like a modern edition of Truth or Dare.



This simple game is as popular as it is famous. The No Limit drinking game is like a high-end version of this simple game mechanic. The drinking game No Limit is simply a must and the ultimate party bang. Anyone who has played it once quickly becomes a repeat offender. This fun drinking game is almost self-explanatory. There are no strict rules, no safety regulations and no winners or losers. It’s just about the fun factor.

This card game or drinking game is divided into three categories and suitable for any number of players. The cards consist of Truth, Dare and No Limit cards. The player rolls the die once and then draws a corresponding card. The tasks – The drinking game without limits. The letters on the cube indicate the respective task. The W stands for truth. Here, a question on the card drawn must be answered as truthfully as possible. But be careful, there are also very intimate questions that are far below the belt and can quickly throw the actor off track. This way you will learn a lot about the intimate world of your friends. If one of you happens to draw one of these cards, get ready for something truly embarrassing!

The D stands for dare. If you roll this letter, you have to face a weird, funny or embarrassing task that is shown on the card. Since there are no judges, the players can act as they please and demonstrate their acting skills. Have Fun!



Good Vibes guaranteed! The letters NL do not stand for Netherlands, but for No Limit. If you roll this combination, you have to answer questions and master tasks without limits. These challenges are very fun for the audience.

This is exactly what makes the game so special. The J on the cube stands for joker. If you roll the joker, you can take a break. There are also duel tasks among the playing cards. Here the player chooses an opponent, whom he has to battle for pride and glory.. No Limit ensures fun and good vibes. Try this drinking game and see for yourself, it’s worth it. This drinking game is absolute fun and also perfect as a gift. No Limit is already one of the favorites among drinking games and is becoming more and more popular. All of those reasons will surely help you to make a purchase decision.


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